Meet Father Nature

Everybody’s heard of Mother Nature. But what about Father Nature?

He’s the lucky guy who just happens to be married to the most significant significant other on Earth!

While Mother Nature is off tending to weather patterns, you can find Father Nature at home tending to their daughter, their owl, their snow seal, their hare, their pig, their robin, and Greg. He’s a porcupine. Of course, Father Nature also makes a pretty darn good PB&J with Smucker’s® Natural Fruit Spread––with real fruit as the first ingredient, it’s the perfect fruit spread for the most natural dad around. He can’t imagine having any other jar in the fridge, and neither can his pet snow seal who happily resides there.

And now, make yourself familiar with the world’s most natural family.



Age: 39

Occupation: Full-Time Dad

Favorite Snack: Greek yogurt + Smucker’s Natural Raspberry Fruit Spread

Hobbies: Walking the pig, flying the owl, raising Daughter Nature, and joking way too often about how his wife “makes it rain.”

Celebrity Crush: His wife. He swears.

Twitter: @FatherNature


Age: 13,800,000,000

Occupation: COO of All Things Naturally Occurring

Favorite Snack: Tie between Smucker’s Natural Blackberry Fruit Spread and sunlight

Hobbies: Creating solar systems, confusing weathermen, and working hard for her family and the planet.

Celebrity Crush: Father Time


Age: 5

Occupation: Daughter

Favorite Snack: PB&J made with Smucker’s Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread

Hobbies: Drawing pictures, playing (carefully) with Greg the Porcupine, and watching her mom every morning on the local weather report.

Favorite Song: Baby Shark

How Nature Took Its Course

Before he was Father Nature, he was just a guy with a high school crush on a mythical being. He found out the feeling was mutual when Mother Nature offered him a peck on the cheek (from a sparrow in the school parking lot). But things really got real with their first sunkiss. That was the moment he knew she was the beautiful, all-powerful, omniscient woman he would marry. And she knew, too. Because she’s omniscient.

One perk of marrying the woman who controls the weather is you can be sure your wedding day will be irony-free. One downside is Father-In-Law Nature is known to make a pretty awkward wedding toast. Still, the PB&J sliders with Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread were a cocktail hour hit, the ceremony was beautiful, and in the end, the two soulmates were happily married.

Father Nature knew moving in with Mother Nature would get interesting––after all, she was used to having Lake Washington as her washroom. But he didn’t even consider the fact that he’d be living with all of her animal friends, too. After a predictably prickly start with Greg the porcupine, things smoothed out and Father Nature realized having a family with the love of his life wasn’t such a bad idea after all. And so...

The Nature’s waited until marriage to finally do it. And by “it,” we mean they had a stork deliver their beautiful daughter! It was a particularly difficult delivery, as Daughter Nature weighed nine pounds and her basket added another three. But this stork was a real trooper, and after fourteen long hours, Daughter Nature arrived happy and healthy.

Today, the Nature family and their animal friends live happily together in their beautiful home. Whether they’re getting some color(s) from soaking up the sun (see Daughter Nature’s drawing), watering the living room to keep it living, or just plain hanging out, the fun this family has together is just as natural as the Smucker’s Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread in their fridge. Real fruit is the first ingredient!

Father Nature Commercials

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Father Nature’s Favorite Recipe

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